• Change volumes for each sound to replicate getting closer
  • Set the playlist and free up your hands for more important things than searching for a sound
  • No limit to the number of playlists you can create
  • Create playlists directly from your phone – no computer required
  • Bluetooth speaker pairs with iHunt app – up to 50 yards away!
  • Free for the first year (a $9.99 value, renewable each year) download of app included with speaker purchase – making it the ultimate game call
  • 59 species and over 750 game calls to select from!
  • Loud – up to 115db of sound
  • Unit requires 4 C batteries – batteries not included

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Useful in Many Hunting Situations!

Use the iHunt Ultimate game call speaker when you need your call to be very loud to carry across valleys or plains, and use the Ultimate Game Call in close quarters when you just need some soft coaxing. Even though it’s small, don’t let the Ultimate Game Call fool you. At full volume it can pack a punch and carry the sound a long way.

The iHunt Ultimate Game Call Bluetooth Speaker was optimized to work with the iHunt app and make your game calls sound as real as they can be. When paired together, your phone becomes the remote control and the iHunt 750 app gives you the ability to create overlapping playlists from 750 sounds from 59 species. Don’t settle for a “one trick pony” game call. The iHunt Ultimate Game Call does it all! Insert delays, repeats, overlap and volume changes for each sound to create a realistic scenario. Make playlists using any number of sounds and any length.

When you buy the iHunt Ultimate Game Call you receive an unlock code that allows you to access the premium version of the iHunt app for free for the first year (a $9.99 value, renewable each year)!