• Use your smart phone to control the decoy and calls
  • The dual blast speaker system is very loud, up to 110 dB of sound and will bust through almost any weather conditions
  • Lifelike moving tail
  • The iHunt app with over 750 calls from over 50 species of animals is FREE with purchase
  • Over 150 calls for predator hunting to choose from are available on the iHunt App
  • 50 yard range
  • Create an unlimited number of playlists of any duration. Set delays, play multiple sounds simultaneously, adjust volumes and more!
  • Includes daily updated Solunar tables, current weather, compass and other great hunting tools
  • The decoy has a wide platform for stability on uneven terrain

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iHunt, the leader in Bluetooth Game Callers brings you the ultimate Remote Game Call and Decoy combination to make your predator hunt a success.

Control the Calls and the Decoy movement from your smart phone – the most sophisticated remote control for game calls. With over 150 Predator calling sounds available on the iHunt App, and a lifelike moving tail, coyotes, bobcats and other predators are sure to come check it out.

The Dual Blast speaker system is 110 db of loud sound -and will carry through almost any weather conditions!